Jen Hawthorn

I am a ceramic artist whose work includes both performative and object orientated outcomes and processes. I explore the relationship between myself and the clay and how it forces my body to do certain things. I do this in order to emphasise the moment between me, the artist, and the material and the complexity of this relationship.  

Through manipulation, the surface of the clay can be made to look like animal hide, scar tissue or old skin. The forms are often corporeal, retaining the shape of my shoulders or a moment when my limbs have reached out; the clay is a way for me to leave physical traces.

The performative gestures in my work are both central and meaningful and the reason I create them is to see the effect of intuitive actions on the clay. The objects that I leave behind are predominantly unfired, creating something that contradicts itself by being both ephemeral and enduringly valuable. I intend my work to evoke feelings of empathy, in order for the viewer to interact with the work further, by exposing my physical struggle with clay.